Monday, January 26, 2015

Weighing Sports Priorities

We've gotten some complaints about the sports that The Chronicle covers. People bring up the point that some sports get more respect than others because they are covered more frequently in The Chronicle. I can see were they're coming from - I was one of the only freshman on the varsity tennis team last year and I would agree that it is constantly looked down upon compared to sports such as football and basketball. However, I would like to make an assumption about the people that are coming to these conclusions. They probably don't read the sport's articles in The Chronicle editions or visit on a regular basis, or else they would see with their own eyes that The Chronicle recognizes multiple sports teams accomplishments each week. Cross country was featured on the front page of issue 3. Bowling and skiing stories are currently being developed. Just by browsing through, I see swimming, tennis, and hockey stories. The second part of this equation is American culture and our job at The Chronicle. As journalists, we try to craft stories that will attract the greatest amount of readers. Everyone can admit that a story about the basketball team's undefateated season would get more views than one about the curling team. We can't help that football is the most popular sport in America, we can only trace this back to the roots of American culture. My apologies for sounding salty throughout this post, but The Chronicle does cover a variety of sports, and it is the job of all journalists to cover stories that are trending.

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