Friday, September 4, 2015

The Book That Puts Me To Sleep

I read Clavin and Hobbes books each night for about fifteen minutes before I go to bed. I am currently reading "The Lazy Sunday Book," which was published in 1989.

I know that comic strips aren't in my reading level. I know that Mrs. Nally, my AP Comp teacher, would not approve of the reading choice. But the simplicity of Calvin's innocent six year old mind puts me to sleep. Bill Watterson captured childhood perfectly- a balanced mix of the real world and the abyss of our young imaginations.

Maybe it is so comforting because I see myself in Calvin. I would jump around my house with a foam tennis ball telling myself stories about riding dinosaurs or fighting samurais in ancient China. Calvin can close his eyes and turn himself to Spaceman Spiff, a courageous hero of the universe. Calvin can close his eyes and turn into Stupendous Man, a masked mystery man that can get out of any tight situation. The only person he interacts with lives inside his head.

Hobbes is Calvin's compadre- his need for adventure isn't as prominent as Calvin's, but he never fails to accompany his friend on any mission. Calvin's world is so simple, he wakes up, goes to school, and returns home in a world of his own. I want to do this more often. Because my imagination is what keeps me sane in this world. I will continue reading Calvin and Hobbes until I can become Spaceman Spiff again myself.

This is my favorite Calvin and Hobbes Strip. The power of Calvin's imagination brings back memories of my own.

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  1. I'm glad to see the Mack is back. Another awesome blog post. You have a gift with words. Use your blog to expand on that creativity.