Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trump's Pull Factor

Donald Trump never seems to be slowing down.

Sitting at the top of the polls, Trump currently has 20% of the Republican vote. We may ask ourselves- how did a narcissistic television host and business magnate become an actual contender in the 2016 election? 

We live in a time of political estrangement. According to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, only 26% of Americans believe that our country is heading in the right direction. Only 3 of 10 people think that their views are represented in the government, according to a CNN poll. The times are perfect for Donald Trump. Trump is an outsider in politics, which appeals to those individuals who feel alienated. Trump believes he literally can solve any problem, which appeals to those in challenging times who will follow anyone who drips his level of confidence. Trump is uncensored and unfiltered. People are motivated by the turbulent spectacle of his success. He standouts in a nation that fosters wishy-washy politicians who feel the need to please everyone. In politics, you can't please everyone. Donald Trump knows that he can't. And he won't try to.

I don't agree with Trump's views. Making the statement that all Mexicans are drug addicts and rapists is preposterous. Making the statement that stupid people negotiate our trade bills is stupid itself. Making the statement that climate change is a hoax can't be supported when organizations like NASA and the EPA have been fighting it for years.

But I do respect the man in some mysterious way. Hopefully he is bringing a new dawn of politicians- politicians who will have the courage to speak their mind without being afraid that their views won't please everyone.

I respect people who speak their mind. Trump never seems to stop doing just that.

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